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Depth Signings: The Tim Wallace File

"I told you not to call me a Penguin."
"I told you not to call me a Penguin."

The Islanders have signed Tim Wallace, a defector from the Penguins organization, to a two-way deal. Why?

Physical, Veteran Winger: Not a huge guy (6'1", 207-ish), but a physical one capable of some fights and some big hits, some of which would be memorable to longtime Sound Tiger followers.

Some Scoring Punch for the AHL: Again, far from a lights-out scorer, but he did pop in over 20 goals each of the past two seasons. A four-year Notre Dame product, he was no big scorer there either, but as he turns 27 he'll know his way around the AHL.

Was he drafted? No.

Was he touted like one of those sexy undrafted college free agents? No. THN says:

ASSETS: Displays a sound work rate and a motor that never quits. Has good size and the feistiness to win a lot of battles in the corners.

FLAWS: Isn't a natural in the scoring department. Must avoid taking bad penalties. Lacks the vision and hockey sense of a top-six winger.

Does he smell like Penguin? Hopefully not. Five years is a long time, but Penguin funk can be removed with a diligent summer showering regimen.

Does he have NHL experience? Just a bit, getting brief, essentially emergency callups the last three seasons, including 7 games last year.

Does he like Blue Oyster Cult? Well, I mean, who doesn't? Sheesh.

Can we call him William? Whoa, whoa, whoa. You gotta earn that name first.

Overall, sounds like a veteran who can help mentor and protect some of the many kids the Islanders have set to play in Bridgeport. With captain Mark Wotton apparently not being brought back, the organization will probably lean on guys like Wallace and Jeremy Colliton for leadership roles.