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Islanders Bits: Benchmarking the next Comeau, Bailey contracts

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We are nothing if not subtle.
We are nothing if not subtle.

As arbitration season begins, we're starting to see contracts come in that hint at what the ballpark will be for Blake Comeau and Josh Bailey. When considering these two players and their likely deals, it's important to remember that Comeau is arbitration-eligible (and has elected for arbitration) while Bailey is coming off his three-year ELC and was not eligible for arbitration. Those are different levels of leverage -- and of course Comeau is coming off a 24-goal season.

The following players are all different of course, but this gives you an idea of the money and term range for some young players whose value is still uncertain and quite debatable.

Coming off ELCs: For players in similar situations to Bailey, we've seen: Brandon Sutter, 22, get a three-year, $6.2 million deal with a $2.07 million cap hit from the Hurricanes.

Arbitration-bound: For players in similar situations to Comeau, we've seen: Andrew Cogliano, 24, avoid arbitration to receive a three-year deal with a $2.39 million cap hit from the Ducks after the Oilers bailed on him; Blake Wheeler, 24, receive a two-year deal with a $2.55 million cap hit to avoid arbitration. Teddy Purcell also signed for two years to avoid arbitration this morning with the Lightning, figures pending [Update: 2 years, $4.725 million].

At another level above these guys are the arbitration-bound cases of Rangers Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan, who are seen as better than this group and are generally expected to receive higher dollars whether or not they make it to arbitration.

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