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Islanders Bits: Returning to work stinks

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He proofreads his signs.
He proofreads his signs.

I am an editor by trade, so I'm much more of a jerk in my day job about how people write than I am here at Lighthouse Hockey. That said, I've received some complaints and questions from valued longtime readers about the quality of some of the FanPosts posted this summer. With more traffic comes more people who feel they absolutely must be heard -- regardless of whether they bother to proofread their own submissions and keep their audience's needs (the #1 rule of writing) in mind.

After a relaxing week on the beach, returning to work -- and returning to such complaints -- puts me in a foul mood. Lighthouse Hockey exists to stir discussion and enable the sharing of intelligent, diverging opinions about our favorite hockey team. That's why we have not traditionally been hard-line strict about policing FanPosts for every English law or AP Stylebook rule. (And to be sure, we authors here make our share of typos.)

However, if you have a wonderful opinion or question worthy of a separate FanPost, you owe it to your fellow reader to help them understand what you're trying to say by being clear and precise. So if you can't be bothered to expend the energy to proof your post, don't be shocked when others ignore it or criticize its content on multiple grounds. As one longtime member told me, "I value Lighthouse Hockey because it's a thoughtful, literate community of Islander fans - something in depressingly short supply on the internet." That sentiment and appreciation for literacy is reflected in our LHH community guidelines.

As community members, it's your job to self-police -- so by all means, ignore (or publicly shame) the FanPosts that strike you as gibberish. As moderators, it's our job to keep an eye out for repeat naughty or juvenile behavior and to incorporate your feedback as much as possible into our moderation without being too overbearing.

Certain exceptions are sometimes made for longtime members who have a valuable schtick that might, to the new user, seem over the line. Like comedy and porn, you just have to know that when you see it.

Finally, if you haven't read the community guidelines to see what we're about, you should. To many, those guidelines are common sense. But if they are too much for you to read and yet you stil feel entitled to whatever the hell you want to do because it's your Internet, then fine. But don't be shocked when this behavior gets you treated as a hostile visitor here. We reserve the right to edit FanPosts to make them readable, to dress them up for front-page featuring, or to hide/delete them when they're simply obnoxious. I trust you understand.

As always, thanks for reading and participating. We don't seek to lecture. We do seek to enable a fun community where people are happy to return.


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Finally, and completely off topic, a question for our Nova Scotia members (and any others that qualify): Alexander Keith's -- "Nova Scotia Style" beer -- showed up in my local distribution channel. Should I bother? And if so, which kind? The Brown Ale did not impress me; too sweet for my liking. I'm suspicious of brewers that suddenly find distributor deals, but sometimes you find gems this way. Let me know if you care.