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Natural Born Kirill: Islanders Sign Kirill Kabanov to 3-Year ELC

Peace and many goals.
Peace and many goals.

Just in case you were hoping the Islanders would announce a commitment of eleventy billion dollars to an average player today, you can first chew on this: They've agreed to Entry Level Contract terms with Kirill Kabanov, their 2010 3rd-round (65 overall) draft pick. If he is returned to juniors after training camp this fall, the three-year term on the contract will not trigger until the following season. (Or "slide," in CBA terms.)

Because you know you want to, you can follow the young man on Twitter here.

Kabanov was once billed as a top-five talent in the 2010 draft (and honestly, many still see him in that vicinity) before a series of unfortunate events had NHL teams avoiding him like some such Jagr on Draft Day 2010.

He even had a couple of tardy incidents last summer with the Islanders camp, but rebounded quite well with a good season and excellent playoffs in the QMJHL. Not only is Kabanov a special kind of talent, but I am also willing to bet there are very few of you who have more tattoos.

Note: Today's free agency open discussion thread continues over here, so try to use this post for KK-related comments.