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Bits: Cup final gets racier; Coliseum gets weightier

Read the sign: Hands Off The Goalie.
Read the sign: Hands Off The Goalie.

Some readers and writers here love Roberto Luongo and rue the day he left, and some don't quite like him (but still rue the day he was dumped by Milbury).

I'm always torn: I try to keep an open mind on what is truly a fantastic goalie, but I confess his post-goal body language -- the look to the skies in disbelief, then the not-quite-accusatory but not-quite-"it's cool, I got this" look at his defensemen -- has always unsettled me.

Last night at rec hockey the topic came up among buddies who don't care a bit about the Isles or Canucks or Bruins. A few of them voiced the same. They had a chuckle when Luongo was pulled last night in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals, where the Bruins evened the series at 2-2 after a Tim Thomas shutout. [Nucks Misconduct reels at the smoking. Stanley Cup of Chowder celebrates with player quotes.]

There are many more topics than that to weigh today, so follow after the jump for some links -- and video of Thomas and Alexandre Burrows getting into it in garbage time.

Tim Thomas vs. Alexandre Burrows

Isleanders Links


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NHL Links

I don't know about you, but I feel really odd not knowing which team in these finals I'd rather lose win it all.