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Bits: Now we have a Stanley Cup final series. And bad blood.

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I woke up from the low-scoring conservative fest that was this Stanley Cup finals series to find an eerily silent [Finance of some sort] Garden watching Nathan Horton placed on a stretcher.

He'd been tagged in the head by a leaping -- okay, we can agree on it being "upward bursting"? -- Aaron Rome, a healthy beat after he'd let his pass go, in what was rightly called a major for interference.

Didn't want things to turn in quite this way to add spice to the series, but they did. As they are wont to do, Boston blew the five-minute powerplay. But by the end of the night they had the 8-1 rout -- with Roberto Luongo staying in for all of it -- that would give the media its "Bruins inspired by Horton's injury" narrative. Wow. At the cost of one brain injury, this series just got interesting.

As is so often the case, Shawn Thornton had the best line about the whole deal and what the league might do about it:

"That's the league's decision. That's way above my pay grade. I just lace them up and go out there and try to work hard. I'm sure they'll do what they deem necessary."

Thornton got tossed with the score 4-0, receiving the Islanders Misconduct.

My bet: Rome is unimportant, low-hanging fruit. The NHL actually does something with him (helping Vancouver by subtraction), but stops short of "make an example." Meanwhile, the Canucks' chances just got better because the Bruins are without Horton.

Here's one version of the scoring chances from this game. (By the way: Anyone else notice Jeff Tambellini's defensive effort on Daniel Paille's garbage time goal? Yikes.)

The Rome-Horton Hit

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Parting Quote

From Henrik Sedin:

"I’d rather lose 8-1 rather than like the way they’ve lost their games."

Yeah, what he said.