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Natural Born Kirills on the Move: Kabanov selected 16th by Montreal

Pick me, I come in peace.
Pick me, I come in peace.

After sorting out the controversial "how" of the QMJHL's Lewiston Maineiacs dispersal draft, today the member clubs gathered around a living room with a keg of beer, cigars, notes on napkins and lucky jerseys to conduct the draft. (Actually, I may have confused that last part with your average fantasy draft.)

Kirill Kabanov's former coach in Moncton (his team before Lewiston) said there were "five outstanding players and at least a dozen very good players available."

In a snake-style draft, Islanders prospect Kabanov was selected 16th by Patrick Roy's Montreal. Interestingly, teams were also allowed to claim Lewiston entry draft picks, so 14 players and two draft picks were claimed before Kabanov -- who still takes up an "import" slot, by the way.

Meanwhile, the other Natural Born Kirill in the Islanders prospect pipeline, Kirill Petrov looks to spend his fourth (and hopefully final) season in the KHL back where he started.

He's going back to Ak Bars Kazan, the team that loaned/traded/shipped/stored him with Ugra this past season where he presumably received more playing time thatn he would have with Kazan.

One reading is that Petrov will be ready for a bigger role and actual ice time on Kazan, one of those big KHL clubs you hear about that relies on veterans. Another reading is that Petrov will be in the same dogfight for ice time again. If the latter happens, could that lead to a mid-season parting of ways? You never know with the KHL. Don't get your hopes up though; Chris Botta's source says Petrov's even questionable for prospect camp this summer.

As has been the case all along, Petrov remains a slow cooker. We'll all just have to wait. If and when he becomes available to the Islanders after this season, he will still be subject to the Entry Level System for his contract.