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2nd Rnd. NHL Draft: Islanders Select Johan Sundstrom, C/W, Frolunda

After going for offense at #5 overall and big defense at #34 overall, the New York Islanders used their second 2nd-round pick on big Swedish center Johan Sundstöm, who can also play wing at 6'2", 196 lbs.

Here's EliteProspects quickie on Sundstom:

Sundström has very good size, strength and speed. Has nice hands and hockey sense. Doesn't mind going into high-traffic areas. Is very well-rounded. Has tremendous reach. Pretty good release. Some consistency issues.

More to come in this post as we add more info. [Updates appear after the jump.] Feel free to add what you see in comments. Meanwhile, our second-round open discussion thread continues here.

Kirk Luedeke (Bruins2011DraftWatch) on Sundstrom, back in January:

...Decent straight-line speed, but technique is lacking- needs to open up the stride. Will drive to the net. Works hard and displays intensity and good hockey sense/visions. Hands seem a bit stiff-- had trouble collecting passes. Seems to be more of a defensive grinder type than a scoring forward with upside.

Overview: Didn't do a lot to stand out, but seemed to get the ice time, so he's obviously a player the coaches trusted. A subtle guy who seems to have the passion and smarts, but may not have the feet and hands to be much of an NHL player down the road.

Second-round open discussion thread continues here.