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Bits: Game 1 turns late; LHH Mock Draft resumes

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Just thought this was a funky shot.
Just thought this was a funky shot.

When a goalie stands on his head for 59:41 only to give up the lone and winning goal with 19 seconds left in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final, all I can think is: That's hockey. She is riveting, she is cruel, she will make you clamor for more.

Game 1: Canucks 1, Bruins 0. The Bruins' awful powerplay went 0 for 6, and both teams traded botched 5-on-3's.  For Canucks fan reaction and Axl Rose quotes, head to Nucks Misconduct. For Bruins fan reaction and digesting a stomach punch like that, head to Stanley Cup of Chowder.

Mock Draft Update: Around these parts, our Lighthouse Hockey Mock Draft resumed last night, with risenrule picking Mika Zabinejad for the Wild. That means mnroy33 is up again for Colorado (with the pick they acquired from St. Louis). Let's try to get this moving again at about one pick per day or more. As always, let me/us know if you have a schedule conflict that will prevent you from making your pick.

Movement Links

June 1 passed with no news on Blake Kessel or Jason Gregoire, so by my read they will become free agents. (I'm not sure where the "30 days after notifying" stuff comes from, as I've pored over the CBA and cannot find such a clause. What it does say is the fourth June 1st after your draft day, so...) Don't forget both can still be signed though. It's not like the Tim Erixon situation...

...speaking of: Tim Erixon was about to be able to enter the draft, which would have gotten Calgary a compensatory 2nd-round pick. Instead they dealt him to the Rangers for two second-round picks plus a guy. Flames fans are understandably irate about how the Flames' "best prospect" was handled. GM Jay Feaster says it had to do with the club's cap issues and the fact Erixon was reluctant to get stuck in AHL Abbottsford.

Sounds like the Manitoba Moose will move to St. John's, who last had an AHL team before Toronto moved their affiliate to Toronto to become the Marlies.

"Colin Campbell will continue in his job of director of hockey operations." But Brendan Shanahan will take over supplementary discipline, so at least there is apparently one less way Campbell can infuriate hockey fans. But this is totally just a fresh look, so don't let anyone tell you it has anything to do with the many questions -- email-based or otherwise -- about the impartiality Campbell brings to the job. Uh huh.

FanShot celebration discussion of Campbell here. [User note: If I deleted your FanShot on this topic, it was only because it was a duplicate of the above where there was already discussion going on. Just keeping things tidy; email me if you have questions.] Sporting News bit here. | ESPN weighs in here. | Will Shanahan be harsher? | Campbell's Greatest Misses. There are so many.


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