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Islanders Draft Pick Order - 2011

Who's next then?
Who's next then?

As we head into draft week, here's a quick and dirty look at which picks the Islanders currently have in the upcoming 2011 NHL Entry Draft. (You can see a good list of updated pick ownership throughout the league at Pro Sports Transactions.) Last time the Islanders picked 5th overall was just last summer, when we looked back at their history of 5th overall picks.

Pick Round Overall Comments
1 1st 5
2 2nd 34
3 2nd 50 Acquired from MTL (compensatory) in Wisniewski trade
4 3rd 63 Acquired from COL in 2010 pick swapping
5 4th 94
6 5th 124
7 5th 126 Acquired from ATL in 2010 pick swapping
8 7th 184


  • The Islanders' original 3rd round pick (65 overall) went to the Ducks in the trade to acquire James Wisniewski in summer 2010.
  • The Islanders' original 6th-round pick (154 overall) went to Phoenix in the acquisition of Al Montoya.