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Bits: One More Year of Mustaches and Mohawks, Gillies Re-signed

If you've not been told your favorite hockey team is a disgrace to the NHL in the last 24 hours, then you probably aren't aware that the Isles have re-signed Trevor Gillies to a one year, two-way contract yesterday. [Fanshot discussion here] [Team release here]

The merits of the move will be debated back and forth depending on how much a fan buys into some of the unquantifiable "intangibles" a player brings to the game vs the detriment of their actual on ice play. But he is here, bringing fear, get used to it. Most expect that Gillies will spend a significant amount of time in the pressbox as a healthy scratch and the AHL as mentor/deterrent for some of the young group of talent assembled there.

My personal belief is this is a bone thrown to Gillies by ownership for embracing a difficult role and taking one on the chin for the organization last season. It hurts little, prevents nothing, and is the right thing to do (amidst criticism) for a guy who loves being here. Nice of the Isles not to buckle to pressure. If you listen closely, you can hear sobbing...

Links and a Trevor Gillies poll after the jump.


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Happy fathers day to everyone and enjoy your weekend!