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Bits: And the hockey gods said, 'Let there be Game 7'

For a neutral, last night worked out pretty well because a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup final is pretty much the hockey fan's heaven's bourne.

Sure, it would have been more exciting if Game 6 had been close and more tense throughout -- rather than filled with the garbage time chippiness that's almost defined this series. But it was some consolation to see Roberto Luongo give Tim Thomas another reason not to pump his tires. (How often does a star athlete talk smack and then step in it the very next outing?)

So on we go to Game 7 Wednesday night. By that time, maybe Mikko Koskinen will have decided his favorite moment from Draft Day:

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Finally, this fantastic exploration of Daniel Alfredsson's injury that necessitated surgery reminds me that: 1) As players get older, their risk of breakdown increases, and 2) As great players struggle, the first best guess is usually, "He's playing through some kind of injury." Seriously, that's a great, detailed analysis -- albeit a little uncomfortable for those of us who've had bulging discs before.