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Islanders Bits: Southlanders advance to Wales Conference final

I mean you can try it like that, but I don't think it's gonna work.
I mean you can try it like that, but I don't think it's gonna work.

Sean Bergenheim isn't even in the top 10 among playoff scoring, but he does have more playoff goals than anyone other than Dan(ny) Briere and JVR, who share the lead with him at seven. But even though I was among those who thought letting him go was a curious disposal of a cheap asset, it's not like his recent Druce-like production has come from anything we didn't see on the Island: A third-liner banging home rebounds and net-crashing goals. Big assist(s) to Dominic Moore, (even if he has a "c" where a "k" should be). It's Bergie being Bergie, in new scenery.

As Nick tweeted last night: "So THIS is what happens when Sean Bergenheim goes on his phantom March hot streak and the season doesn't end."

But anyway, last night it was fun to see Bergenheim's crazy run continue -- and even more so, old man of the crease Dwayne Roloson. The Lightning destroying the Capitals not only wrecked my playoff bracket, it made for one hell of a story. With the Sharks winning in OT and the Bruins running over the Flyers, Nashville-Vancouver is the only matchup that's still a series.

Bruce Boudreau on the upset:

"They finished four points behind us in the regular season. When they got Dwayne Roloson they became a completely different team."

I honestly would relish a Tim Thomas-Dwayne Roloson matchup as the best battle of Grumpy Old Goalies in NHL history. (Even though neither is truly grumpy, and both are clearly appreciative of the opportunity in front of them. Boston still has to finish what they couldn't finish last year, of course.)

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World Championships:


Video: Roloson, Grey Beard and Funny Hair, on the Win

He talks about Bergenheim and Nate Thompson a bit here.

Ro-li {clap-clap} RO-LI {clap-clap}.