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Playing in Traffic: Search here to find your soul

**NOTE: Since this is a filler post anyway, consider this your playoff chat thread for Wednesday's three games.***

During that really annoying time of the year where there isn't an Islanders game every day, my mind starts to wander toward other duties and neglected responsibilities.

Changing light bulbs in the lighthouse, discovering unpaid utility bills under the couch cushions, remembering nephews' birthdays from three months ago. Plus, looking through unfinished stories -- you know, the things a competent site manager would do if he had any idea what he were doing.

One such task is answering the question, "How are visitors finding us?" As with this exercise last year, the answers may disturb you:

Search Terms that Lead a Lost Soul to Lighthouse Hockey

Here are some common search terms of the past few weeks...

Search: "hockey playoff 0-3 comeback"

Welcome, Caps fans. Like Flyers fans last year, you're probably looking for this.

Search: "wee man"

Welcome, fans of little celebrities. It still tickles me that you might be stumbling on to Lou Lamoriello.

Search: "gollum"

I have no idea what's going on with that one. The LHH search box turns up but one return, from a Hockey1919 recap comment.

Search: "Danish justice system"

Unfortunately, nothing on this blog can be construed as legal advice, Danish or otherwise. But we can tell you if you're looking for Selke candidates or the Danish Backhand of Judgment, you're on the right path.

Search: "adrienne barbeau"

It cracks me up how often this appears in our search results. It can only be JPinVA, searching, searching and searching again. I 'fess up to watching "Swamp Thing" many times as a young'n, for all the wrong reasons.

And finally, one more search term for the lost and wandering:

Search: "cody rosen hockey"

You've come to the right place, baby. You've come to the right place.

As always, thanks for visiting, thanks for hanging out, and thanks for coming back.