LHH Mock Draft: Bahston Bruins

With the ninth overall pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, the Boston Bruins are happy to thank the Toronto Maple Leafs...oh yeah, sorry. The Boston Bruins are proud to select, from Saskatoon of the WHL, defenceman, Duncan Siemens.

It seems as if the Bruins can go either way with the ninth pick on the draft. They have both size and talent on their NHL roster and it seems as though they have shaped themselves into a very physical and mentally tough team, with a defense first mentality. Their goaltending is very good to great as well as deep. The Bruins currently have the luxury to develop their prospects in the juniors or the A/college.etc., as their team is deep and well managed.

With the gift that is Tyler Seguin and his impressive play in his first playoff experience, the "other" rookie Brad Marchand showing tons of potential and a good scoring touch, the unheralded defenceman Adam McQuaid rightfully overshadowed by Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg, and the seemingly unstoppable motors of Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic, who are just entering the prime of their careers, it seems as if this team has a very solid group of younger players that are already competing (successfully) at the NHL level. The Bruins have some prospects that will become solid NHL players:

D Ryan Button - Probably the Bruins top defencive prospect who fits the current mold of being ridiculously tall in stature, but he still needs to fill into his body frame to compete consistently in the NHL.

D David Warsofsky - also needs to bulk up, but that's not his game. Very good puck mover who can score, knows it, and likes to. As he also needs to work on his defencive game, in particular, his angles, which just gives me an uncomfortable feeling that he may be more show than heart. Not good for the NHL in my opinion and definitely not the Bruins M.O.

C Joe Colborne - A natural centre who may have to move to wing to make the team, but with his size, hockey sense and very good shot, I'm sure he would fit perfectly with this team who needs offensive scoring touch.

Editor's Note: Colborne was actually dealt away to the Leafs in the Tomas Kaberle trade.

W Jared Knight - A very underrated player whose best traits are his speed, fearlessness and a hard fast wrist shot. Some people have likened him to a Zach Parise-type player, not that he'll reach that potential, but it certainly sounds as if he'll be a player that every coach would love to put out on the rink.


At the ninth spot in this year's draft, Duncan Siemens, at 6'3 and 197lbs, can be a perfect fit with his grit, "unteachable" size and his strong skating abilities. As he's never been much of a point getter, this year he has surprised many my doubling his point total from the previous year in juniors.

When asked if he felt he will be relied on for points in his professional hockey career, Siemens' stated "It's not really my goal to go out there and get points; but I really enjoy playing a shut-down role and taking care of my own end, and if the points come with that they come with that".

He plays the shutdown role for his current team and many see his defensive abilities and strength as one of the main reasons as to why his team has success, as he plays the penalty and shuts down the other teams most skilled players every night. He uses his hockey sense and his smooth skating and physical style to cut down angles and options for his opponents, not leaving much, if any scoring chances for his opponents. Some have referred to him as an elite skater with great mobility. That along with his size and hockey sense should give him a head start in his development process.

Look for Boston to let him develop for a year or two, since he's one of the youngest players in this year's draft and since the team doesn't have much of a reason to rush his development, but don't be surprised if he pushes for a spot on the NHL roster in his first season.

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