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Islander Bits: Trivia, rallying and mock drafting

This shot isn't from yesterday's rally, but you get the idea.
This shot isn't from yesterday's rally, but you get the idea.

Well yesterday morning was the (first of many) big rally(ies), before Nassau County legislature debated the proposed $400 million bond referendum to replace Nassau Coliseum. There is quite a bit of coverage of the rally and hearing, but one takeaway was:

"[Ed] Mangano told lawmakers that contract negotiations with [Charles] Wang are under way and that the revenue-sharing plan will be finalized by mid-June." The legislature will vote on the matter Tuesday, with a simple majority needed to place the referendum on the ballot in August.

We also had some fun talking hockey though, so links to Coliseum coverage and hockey talk are after the jump.

Coliseum Referendum / Nassau County Legislature Talk


  • How 'bout that OT last night, eh? Intense. Great strategic hockey. And long. I love it. Except for the flukish ending, the silliest slow grounder OT winner you'll ever see. Which was a buzzkill after so much good hockey. (Also: So, so, so tired of the "Luuuu" chant on routine saves. Though it is funny when it's a nervous "...Luu?" on shaky saves. Oh, and while we're griping: Confetti?!?! For making it past the semifinals?!? Really? I know it's rare to get even this far, but that still seems like a premature parade.)
  • We had lots of fun with this trivia quiz yesterday: Name the top 200 NHL goal scorerss of all time. If you read the comments there, you'll have some spoilers.
  • It was a crazy day, so if you missed 'em 'round here: Blake Kessel is turning pro (but where?), vote for your favorite game of 2010-11 here, and get ready for Doug Weight's presser Thursday.
  • Got ideas for the Matt Moulson t-shirt design contest? Let 'em rip. [He mentions it on Twitter]
  • Gabe, the proprietor of Behind the Net with his infinite stats and insight, uses the handle "Hawerchuk" for a reason. If Winnipeg gets an NHL team, you'll hear more from him on that club. For now, enjoy Part II of the history of pro hockey there.

Draft, Draft, Draft!:

Memorial Cup

Kootenay stayed alive with a win over Saint John's last night, which means Thursday Kootenay will face the winner of tonight's big MIssissauga-Owen Sound rematch. Saint John's already earned a spot in Sunday's final.

It's late May, the Islanders haven't played in over a month, and yet ... never a dull day, man. Never a dull day.

Now, did someone say rum?