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Vote for Your Favorite Islanders Game of 2010-11

Sometimes a season is bad, and you just don't want to look back. Sometimes there are bright spots which at least get you through the year. Even when the Islanders self destructed in 08-09 we could talk about how Joey MacDonald helped shutout the Red Wings in spectacular fashion. This year it feels as though there were a lot of bright spots, with all the negative stuff being shoved into a one-month stretch.

So I talked with Keith, Mike and Dom and came up with a list of what we consider the best games of the year. So it's time to vote on the nominees in the poll after the jump:

Oct. 11: Islanders 6, Rangers 4: James Wisniewski teaches Sean Avery how to work the Shake Weight.
Oct 21: Islanders 3, Lightning 2: The Islanders take control of the top spot in the Eastern Conference.
Nov. 26: Islanders 2, Devils 0: The Islanders end the losing streak and give Cappy his first win.
Dec. 31: Islanders 4, Red Wings 3: An Overtime Win against the Wings continues the Islanders' dominance of them.
Jan. 15: Islanders 5, Sabres 3: Coming off his All-Star snub John Tavares' hat trick powers the Islanders past the Sabres.
Feb. 11: Islanders 9, Penguins 3: Friday Night Fights!
Feb. 13: Islanders 7, Sabres 6: Michael Grabner's hat trick includes the OT game winner.
March 31: Islanders 6, Rangers 2: An Islanders team that has basically given up on the season destroys a Ranger team which desperately needed a win to stay in playoff contention. Oh and this happened.

Obviously if you think I missed out on a great game during the season, feel free to comment below and let me know. It wouldn't be the first time a poll of mine was won by a dark-horse candidate someone recommended.