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Isles Bits: Did you know Moulson and Quick are brothers-in-law?

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"Yes! I can eat dinner in peace."
"Yes! I can eat dinner in peace."

A common joke during Lighthouse Hockey game threads this year was, "Hey, did you know Matt Moulson is Jonathan Quick's brother-in-law? I know right?!" For those who watched broadcasts of 82 games or so, it seemed to be mentioned a time or 500.

Yesterday those tending that joke got their payback, as the brothers-in-law visit to NHL HQ yielded a ton of stories on official channels. That's not to say they aren't nice stories. Just that...wait, so they're related? Get OUT!

Oh, to be sure, there is other news to share, too. Atlanta is still a dead team walking. And some business owners are P.I. Pissed about the latest Coliseum proposal. Same as it ever was.

You Mean to Tell Me their Wives are Sisters?

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