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LHH Mock Draft: Gathering our resident fantasy GMs

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their services -- and to mnroy33 for promoting the idea -- for a mock draft here at Lighthouse Hockey. Going through the responses to the two FanPosts here and here, I think we have enough to get started soon.

In fact, while I've taken everyone's requests and assigned them teams (after the jump), we have a few openings, which can be filled either by new volunteers (please speak up in comments if you're interested and didn't speak up before, or if I overlooked your previously stated interest) or by LHH staff.

If you expressed interest in the previous FanPosts, please be ready for this to begin in a few days. The rules and tentative order/assignments are after the jump.

Premise: The draft begins June 24. If we begin at the latest on May 23 (Monday), then we can have one per day and have the first round completed by the time of the draft.

Rules: You announce your selection via a FanPost -- which means you have to contribute more than a team and player name. Give us some background on the player, on your team's draft history and needs, and why selecting Kid X makes sense. You can be straightforward or creative with your write-up. Have fun with it, but get the basic info out there. If you get cold feet and want to waive your responsibility, email me.

Format: By headline, indicate in some way that this is the LHH Mock Draft. You can get creative after that. (Basically, if we front-page a FanPost, it goes out to wider audience, so we don't want a misleading headline that says, "The Oilers Select Adam Larsson" without the mock-draft caveat. I reserve the right to edit your headline (gently) in order to make it front-page-able.

One Team, One LHH Poster: This means if your team has two picks in the first round, you're on the clock two separate times -- and that means there are fewer than 30 participants. Note: If you can't make a specified time, just let me know. It's possible I can schedule your FanPost to publish on the right day.

Things That Help Us All: Make your FanPost readable. That means complete sentences, regard for punctuation, and some respect for clarity of thought. We may front-page some of the FanPosts but almost certainly won't front-page all of them. From my perspective, the better written/cleaner ones have a better shot of being front-paged.

2011 NHL Draft Order

This list at Wikipedia appears to be maintained properly, so we'll go from there.

That means the team order is:

1 Edmonton Oilers
2 Colorado Avalanche
3 Florida Panthers
4 New Jersey Devils
5 New York Islanders
6 Ottawa Senators
7 Atlanta Thrashers
8 Columbus Blue Jackets
9 Boston Bruins (from Toronto)
10 Minnesota Wild
11 Colorado Avalanche (from St. Louis)
12 Carolina Hurricanes
13 Calgary Flames
14 Dallas Stars
15 New York Rangers
16 Buffalo Sabres
17 Montreal Canadiens
18 Chicago Blackhawks
19 Edmonton Oilers (from Los Angeles)
20 Phoenix Coyotes
21 Ottawa Senators (from Nashville)
22 Anaheim Ducks
23 Pittsburgh Penguins
24 Detroit Red Wings
25 Toronto Maple Leafs (from Philadelphia)
26 Washington Capitals
27-30 Toronto (from Boston), Tampa Bay, Vancouver, San Jose


Based on your preferences and order of commentary, plus a drawing out of a hat I did for the Islanders, here is the order so far. Again, if you can't make it or have objections, let me know (in comments is fine). If you are listed below, please confirm your availability in comments for this post.

If we don't hear from you, I will attempt to contact you via email. If that doesn't work, we'll pass your pick/team to someone else.

[NOTE: List has been updated to fill new requests]

1 Edmonton Oilers -- Anarcurt [UPDATE: Here's his selection - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins]
2 Colorado Avalanche -- mnroy33 [UPDATE: He goes with Adam Larsson]
3 Florida Panthers -- Chrismc614
4 New Jersey Devils -- nyidangle17
5 New York Islanders -- Fabtraption (lucky dog)
6 Ottawa Senators -- OzzyFan
7 Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg -- WebBard
8 Columbus Blue Jackets -- Jones79
9 Boston Bruins (from Toronto) -- Empire39
10 Minnesota Wild -- risenrule
11 Colorado Avalanche (from St. Louis) -- mnroy33
12 Carolina Hurricanes -- Dominik
13 Calgary Flames -- [nyislanders93]
14 Dallas Stars -- metalcoconut
15 New York Rangers -- Metzfan22
16 Buffalo Sabres -- [DirtyIsle]
17 Montreal Canadiens -- pgat28
18 Chicago Blackhawks -- [Lee F]
19 Edmonton Oilers (from Los Angeles) -- Anarcurt
20 Phoenix Coyotes -- [Turgeon1992]
21 Ottawa Senators (from Nashville) -- OzzyFan
22 Anaheim Ducks -- [edavidmorris]
23 Pittsburgh Penguins -- [kfallon2]
24 Detroit Red Wings -- [IslesOfficial]
25 Toronto Maple Leafs (from Philadelphia) -- Dougtone
26 Washington Capitals -- [Pauly C]
27-30 Toronto (from Boston) [Dougtone], Tampa Bay [Keith Q.], Vancouver [NickLTBLH], San Jose [MTBVibe]]

Am I missing anything? As soon as Anarcurt confirms he's ready, we can officially start the schedule (again, no later than Monday, but possibly sooner if he's ready to roll).

Thanks for playing along. Hopefully this will be fun.