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Coliseum/Hockey Links: Between now and Aug. 1...details?

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Nice tie, Ed.
Nice tie, Ed.

Not that we lacked for news to discuss yesterday, but last night was the first night of the playoffs without hockey, and that gives me a sad. Friday will be another.

Worse for me? I'll be visiting in-laws tonight who still somehow do not have Versus, which means while I feign interest in Aunt Henrieta's surgery, I'll really be wondering about a historic Game 7.

A trove of New Coliseum links, and hockey links, after the jump.

New Coliseum Links

LHH: Our post-announcement discussion thread here, our pre-announcement speculation and live reaction thread there, and garik16's FanPost about what opposition will be looking at here.

Among the lingering questions from yesterday's presser about the new Coliseum plan: What studies/data indicates the "shared revenues" can pay off the bonds? Also, was it odd to anyone else that there was no architectural drawing, the way there often is with a big unveiling? It's enough to make me wonder what political factors are behind the timing and the details.

Anyway, on that note:

'Wait, This is a Hockey Blog?' Links

Lot to digest. May we all get what we want. And enjoy Game 7.