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Bits: The arena issue; and predict Bergenheim's 3rd round

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Hey, guess what? With another goal yesterday, John Tavares leads the World Championships in points with 9 (5-4-9, +6). Don't tell Colorado fans, but Matt Duchene has none.

On the topic of small samples: Pick the over/under here: Sean Bergenheim, who leads Tampa Bay in shots and has 7 goals in 11 games but also has a 19.4% shooting percentage, will score how many more goals in these playoffs? (His regular season shooting percentage was 7.7%, which matches his career total over 326 NHL games.)

Isles Stuff

  • Because a casino is tomfoolery: "Nassau County appears to be close to working out a plan to develop the Coliseum minus a casino in a proposal that could be put to voters this summer. Two people with knowledge of the deal said a bond referendum for as much as $400 million is being contemplated, and could include redevelopment of the Coliseum and a minor-league baseball field at Mitchel Field." [Newsday] B.D. Gallof says look for some sort of announcement Wednesday.
  • Eyes on the Isles reviews one Mr. Mark Eaton.
  • Dee (7th Woman) in praise of the Isles booster club.
  • Jeff Tambellini saw his first playoff action last night. He had 8 shifts for a total of 4:41 TOI. With Michael Samuelsson hurt, that may continue.
  • Speaking of the ex-Isled, Sean Bergenheim gets his moment in the sun. Which he could use, given the pigmentation and all.
  • NYIFYI on the postseason and Isles at the WC's.

Worlds Stuff

Maybe the U.S. took the day off because it wasn't important, and maybe the Swiss stunned them in the final qualifying round game. The U.S. has to face the Czechs now as a result, which means my heart will tear itself asunder.

NHL Stuff (h/t to the mighty Quinn on most of these)


In praise of our SBN network host here. (Disclosure: From a guy who used to report to the CEO.)

On that last note: As always, if you have things you like, don't like or wish were done here -- or complaints overall -- let us know in comments or via email. I'm here for selfish reasons (a fun place to talk about the Islanders), but I am supposed to make it fun for you, too.