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Islanders Finale [+thread]: In Philly, with Atlantic and lottery on the line

Note: Treat this post as tonight's game thread.

Probably -- hopefully -- the most significant news that comes out of today is the Brock Nelson injury update: A small fracture of his tailbone and a sprain , with 6-8 week recovery. Good to hear it isn't more serious (although I don't mean to downplay what is a very painful injury as is).

Stripes-square_medium                        Phi-hub_medium
Islanders (30-38-13, 27th) @ Flyers (46-23-12, 3rd)
[no idea what it's called these days but] Spectrum [works for me]
7 p.m. EDT | MSG+ | audio - WRHU 88.7
Some playoff-bound fans:
Broad Street Hockey

Wait, I guess if the Isles actually win in Philadelphia that would be equally big news, since they haven't done so in something like four years (looking it up would be both depressing and against my end-of-season lazy nature), and they haven't beaten the Flyers in five previous meetings this season (that one I don't have to look up).

Beyond that, tonight's tilt is about milestones (come on, JT, hit 30), the Atlantic crown, and the lottery implications.

The Flyers are tied on points with the Penguins (104 each), who finish Sunday, but the Flyers have the tiebreaker. If they win they've got it, and Pittsburgh falls to the fourth seed. If they lose outright, Pittsburgh has a chance to steal the division crown tomorrow in Atlanta despite playing half the season without their best player.

Meanwhile, the Islanders (73 points) are going to finish 26th or 27th -- their SOL point last night means Florida cannot catch them, so it's just a question of if they catch Ottawa (74 points), who played in Boston this afternoon. (If Ottawa won that game or earned a regulation point, they can't be caught...but they were down 3-1 late in the third.)


Your Latest ATO...

Shane Sims, a name you actually have heard of. Sims is the third, and last, graduate to one-day Amateur Tryout (ATO) camp. He was the club's 5th-round (126 overall) pick in the 2006 draft, so now Kyle Okposo has a classmate in the lineup. Sims, a graduating (we assume) senior, led Ohio State defensemen in scoring this past season. He's been in prospect camp with the Isles before, so he's not new in that sense either.

I have no idea whether he'll have the chance for more with the organization, but if so you'd think it would be on a AHL type of intro rather than through the entry level system. (If/when the Islanders do not sign him before June, he becomes a free agent.)


Gazing Elsewhere

  • Here's an interview with Anders Lee from after the loss at the Frozen Four [Hockey's Future]
  • The Post recap of last night, with a bit from Jack Capuano on how Trevor Gillies matched with Eric Godard. (This wasn't a surprise to me, but...well the context was discussed in our recap, let's say.)
  • Kyle Okposo ater last night's game [Okposo Net]
  • 7th Woman with some sights and sounds from last night. [7th Woman]
  • The Rangers beat the Devils in their finale today. Martin Brodeur was ... not good, Judge.

FIG Picks: Get your last FIG picks in here. But also, get your one-and-only LIG picks here.


A Moment of Sappiness and Reflection

I have to say, this team's effort all the way to the end of the year has been impressive. Devastated by injuries and relying on four rookies and one ATO each of the last three games (plus old warhorse and sudden ironman Radek Martinek), the team has made each opponent sweat. That's a credit to the guys in that room and the man behind the bench.

Thanks to everyone who has participated this season and made this site reach another level (not quite "11" but you know, pretty loud. None more loud.). If you like to think Isles hockey year round, or if you need a fix as you wait for next season, keep coming back as we'll still have stuff every day. If you like NHL hockey, we'll do a lot of league stuff, too, especially for the playoffs.

And if you disappear for baseball, well screw you. Just kidding. Check back in on us and we'll try to give you a rundown of what you've missed while sunning yourself at the ballpark.

Also, don't forget: The lottery is Tuesday. I'm about to go out in the yard and slay a rabbit and take it's foot for the occasion.

So one last time in 2010-11...Let's Go Islanders {clap-clap clapclapclap}