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Make Your LIG (Last Islanders Goal) Picks

Will he be the LIG?
Will he be the LIG?

For most of the season, we've been running First Islanders Goal (FIG) pools for each game. It's an old at-the-game tradition that transported to this place mostly thanks to JPinVA's efforts. As this became more popular, it started to overwhelm the gameday preview threads, so we started to place them in FanShots as part of a wonderfully haphazard process that has now stabilized.

That seasonlong competition has produced a whole lot of solo victories, a few members with two wins apiece, and three LHH members who have three wins each: Anarcurt, IDigRcks, and vrwc. I don't know what we're going to do if it ends tied, but failing to plan has never stopped me from planning for failure in the past.

Now as one final 2010-11 diversion, we're doing a Last Islanders Goal (of the season) poll. Rules are after the jump. Leave your picks -- and feedback on any changes to the FIG pool next year -- in comments.

LIG Rules

  • This is to pick the Islander who scores the last official goal of the season (so OT counts, but shootouts do not).
  • Again, OT goals count, but shootout goals do not.
  • If the Islanders are shutout tomorrow -- or if they're shutout both tonight and tomorrow -- then the official LIG would be Michael Grabner (Bailey, Wishart) @ T-minus 145:34 because his goal in the Bruins game came at 14:26 of the 2nd period of the third to last game (thus: 60 minutes + 60 minutes +25:34 = 145:34).
  • IMPORTANT: That means when you pick the time, pick it in that format: Scorer (assist1, assist2) MM:SS where MM is minutes and SS is seconds. Scorer is the main thing, assists are the tiebreaker, time is the next tiebreaker if assists doesn't decide it.
  • If a game goes to OT and the Islanders don't score, that OT time is figured into "time before the end of the season."

In short, treat it this way: You want the Islander who scores their last goal this year, and you want to pick the amount of time between his goal and the end of the season. So if Travis Hamonic scores unassisted in OT in Philadelphia, you're pick would be: Hamonic (unassisted) @ T-minus 0:00.

You can start leaving your picks in this post. Also, if you have ideas for a different FIG format for next year, suggest them here.

(For example, Mike brought up the idea of everyone getting a "point" for getting the right FIG scorer in any given game, so that there are no tiebreakers and there are more winners throughout the season. No assists, no time, no tiebreakers -- just compiling successful picks.)