Standings/Lottery Tiebreakers

In the interest of my personal Larsson-watch I took a quick look at the Isles potential tiebreaker situation with regards to FLA and OTT and it looks like we are in decent shape. 

A couple of reference numbers to start:

Current wins:

Isles 30

Sens 30

Panthers 29

Current wins minus shootout wins:

Isles 26

Sens 28

Panthers 25

The tiebreakers are:

1. Wins, not including shootout wins

2. Head to head.

3. Goal differential.

So, if I'm following the new rules correctly OTT, would likely finish ahead of us if we tie. We are currently tied in total wins, but by virtue of having two fewer shootout wins (which do not count when totaling wins for tiebreaker purposes) they have the advantage. Also since they are currently 2 points back, they would likely have another win in order to tie. 

Similarly, FLA would also likely end up tied in wins if they were to catch us. However, they potentially could also end up tied in non-shootout wins also, pushing us to tiebreaker #2. If I have a handle on what I've culled from varioussites (I can't find anything definitive on, FLA would beat us head to head. Despite splitting 4 games, the Isles won one in a shootout giving FLA 5 points in the games and us only 4.

So there you go. I'm one of the jerks hoping we lose out (while decimating the Flyers roster in the process) so I was glad to see we have the upper hand draft-wise in case of tie.

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