In hindsight, which 4th liner would you prefer, Konopka or Jackman?

Since we could have realistically have kept jackman cheaply as a 4th line player

last year, I wanted to see if you guys would have rathered jackman on our team going into next year or konopka. It’s an interesting argument to me. Some pluses and minuses for both:


-Offensively challenged producing around 2goals/5-8pts per season

-Sub par skilled “hockey player”

-Vocal leader in the locker room, media, and somewhat on the ice

-Slightly above average build at 6’0’’ 210

-Very slow skater

-Will fight just about anyone

-Physical player(but Jackman is on another level)

-Great at faceoffs

-Great team 1st player

-Plays heart out on ice(but a level below jackman imo)

-Decent Agitator

-Takes more stupid penalties

-Worst full-time corsi player on the isles

Tim Jackman:

-Offensively skilled, likely producing around 8-12goals/15-22pts per season

-Averagely skilled hockey player(legit 3rd line skills imo)

-Huge build at 6’4’’ 220lbs

-Ok/average~ skater

-Will fight anyone

-Physical player(a level above Konopka at quantity and hardness of hits)

-Great team 1st player

-Plays his heart out on the ice(a level above konopka imo)

-Above average agitator

-Takes less stupid penalties

-2nd best corsi player on the flames(does his 4th line job surprisingly well)

Who would you guys pick and why?

Pretty much, Martin-Konopka-Haley or Martin-Haley-Jackman.

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