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Double Game 7 Playoff Chat; Also: Why Hockey in New Markets is Cool

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Hello, consider this our playoff watch party/chat for the two Game 7s tonight: Habs at Boston (7 p.m., Vs/CBC) and Lightning at Pittsburgh (8 p.m., NHLN/Vs/TSN).

Also, enjoy this from a Nashville sportswriter (other sports, that is) who is in no way a hockey fan (h/t Puck Daddy, brackets are my habitual edit):

I’ve watched National Championships in football, I’ve watched Monday Night Football games at LP field, I’ve been to every SEC football stadium at least twice and I’ve been to a Sweet 16. But not one of those can come close to the atmosphere at [tires of some sort] Arena on Sunday.

By gosh I think he gets it. Cheers to new hockey fans in new markets, may they understand what they've been missing.

Now, go Roli, go Lightning!