Newsday: New York Islanders will toll Evgeni Nabokov's contract

Updated 4/24 12:00 ESPN LeBrun : Full (google) translation in comments. dchesnokov Dmitry Chesnokov Nabokov tells SovSport "I may join the training camp with the Islanders," says he didn't join the team bc he didn't think he could help 'em. Nabokov: "I have no hard feelings against the team or its players. I told Snow about that." Asked whether his choices are to play for the Isles next year or not at all, Nabokov said "there could be a trade. Nabokov said he doesn't know if it is official that his contract with the Isles will carry over to next season. 48 minutes ago Snow to Katie Strang: "He was signed by Detroiit, put on waivers; we claimed him and he didn’t report. Therefore, we had to suspend him and its’ within our right to toll the contract." PUWAHAHAHAHAHA!