Islanders Statement on New York PHWA Ballot Boycott


Unattributed, but take that link as an official statement from the Isles on the Rangers and Islanders chapters of the PHWA (I never realized they divided it up by teams instead of by cities...odd) boycotting the NHL awards voting as a protest of the club's revoking of Chris Botta's access. First reaction: The fewer writers who vote for awards, the better. Second reaction: Wait, that means Frans and Grabner will get fewer votes! Third reaction: Wait, my second reaction validates my first one! (Voters vote too much based on friendship, skewed exposure, and poor analysis -- losing local voters shouldn't affect the results, but it will.) Seriously, I never liked how the Islanders handled the Botta freeze -- though I do believe they had the right to do it -- but the PHWA's relationship with bloggers doesn't impress me. On one hand, they've treated them as a separate caste. Yet a blogger they know from previous relationships gets the freeze, and suddenly they care about bloggers? Meanwhile, Eklund -- the anonymous Eklund, of all people -- has been embraced by important members of the PHWA. To me that's way too inconsistent. Maybe if they were open to more legit writers who happen to write in the blogging medium instead of attached to a print publication (yours truly excluded), I'd put more stock in it. Either way, cheers to them for standing up for what they believe in. (And sorry, this just isn't a front-page topic to me. It's just too much inside baseball industry navel-gazing.)