1st Annual Lighthouse Hockey Fantasy League


We've spent all season critiquing and analyzing management throughout the league. How about we be the GM's. I think it would be a lot of fun for Lighthouse Hockey users to test hockey knowledge and GM skills in a fantasy league starting next season and add a little friendly competition.

Here’s what I propose:

Host: ESPN or Yahoo! (seems like more people are in favor of using Yahoo! so that's what I'm leaning towards

# of teams: 14

Scoring Type: Head to Head/Most Categories Wins

League Managers: 2

Roster Size: 35 players

Starters: 25

Bench: 10

IR: 3

Forwards: 10 Starters (No limit on C,LW,RW)

Defense: 7 Starters

Utility: 5

Goalies: 3 Starters

Scoring: Goals, Assists, +/-, PIM, Hits, PP, Wins, Saves, SV%, GAA, Shutouts

Divisions: 2 (7 teams in each)

Playoffs: 6 teams (3 rounds, 2 byes)

Seeding Tiebreaker: Head to Head Record

Lineup Changes: Daily

Player Acquisition: Waivers

Waiver Period: 1 day

Waiver Order: Move to last after claim

Trades: No limit

Review Period: 1 Day

Veto: 5 votes

Regular Season Setup: Week 1 (Start of Season)

Weeks per Match up: 1

Regular Season Match ups: 22 (playoffs start Week 23)

Draft Type: Proboards

Date: TBA (after the 2011 NHL Entry Draft)

If you are interested in joining or have any other ideas leave comments below or email me at


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