Nino Niederreiter, Future NHL Star?

Decided I wanna talk about Nino and his future since he is dominating the WHL. And the always fun fact, if Nino, the man who wants to be Lecavalier, was born 1 week later, he would have ended up as a 2011 draft pick, wonder where he would have been rated here? lol (gotta say higher then Landeskog, Definitely top 3 with RNH and Larsson).

Stat line for the past 2 years in the WHL:

At least 6'2'' 205lbs now.

09/10 65GP 36goals 60pts

Playoffs 13GP 8 Goals 16 Pts

10/11 55GP 41goals 70pts

Playoffs 10GP 7 Goals 18 Pts

Scouting Reports say about him: (sorry it's a block of his characteristics, didn't want to make it a list)

Has good size, good skater, strong, protects the puck very well, impeccable balance on his skates, dominating board battler, high energy gritty player, creative with the puck, quick hands, proven goalscorer at every level he's played, very good shot, loves to go to the net hard and put away rebounds, combination of a power forward and a scorer, great personality, likes to play a physical game(some say very physical), a 3-zone player/defensive-accountable, smart, mature, passionate, and a complete forward destined for greatness.

Some questions for everyone because I wanna hear opinions and see what you guys think:

1. Will Nino make the Isles this year?

2. How many goals do you think Nino will score in his rookie year for the islanders?

3. How many goals do you think Nino will score regularly when he is fully matured at the nhl level?

4. Do you think Nino will always be the highest player drafted out of Switzerland?

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