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Weekend NHL playoffs and Islanders clips

Kirill <em>drinks</em> water, still working on the <em>walking on</em> part.
Kirill drinks water, still working on the walking on part.

Some highlights from the NHL playoff weekend that was, plus some of the discussion topics around here:

  • Ex-Islander Raffi Torres returned from suspension for a headshot to ... deliver another headshot, to Brent Seabrook. Fast play, but brutal hit. Again using the behind-the-net area as a screen on his victim. Again delivering his primary blow not to the body, but to the head (also: carrying his stick high). That's a lot of no-no's. He received two for interference; he may receive more from Colie's Wheel.
  • Teemu Selanne is still awesome, but pissed as his Ducks are down 2-1 to Nashville.
  • Brooksie is an esteemed professional hockey writer.

Notes about Coaches and the Things They Say or Do

...I accept that John Tortorella is an easily irritable curmudgeon who deserves as good as he dishes out, but I fail to see how baiting him about superficial topics (In what situations do you feel a cliche describes your team, Coach?) in the middle of a playoff series is an example of quality reporting. Who is the story here?

...After a clear goal was not signaled but was awarded for Buffalo against Philadelphia, I noticed the referee took several minutes to explain the situation to Peter Laviolette, which was not required but courteous nonetheless. I wonder if some day referees will afford the same respect to Jack Capuano.

...Joel Quenneville, pissed off about the Torres hit but more ticked that his team is now a dead man walking down 0-3, said of the Torres hit and two-minute minor it elicited: "Major. Absolutely. They missed it. We could have scored four goals on that play." I wonder if the Cup-winning coach will get the same ridicule for that "four goals" remark that it would elicit if it came out of Capuano's mouth.


'Round Here: Islanders Discussion at LHH (and Beyond, Slightly)

That's plenty of fodder for now. Player report cards and some other topics continue later today.