The LHH Playoff Pool Rd 1 Update

We did this last year and it was a lot of fun, especially since almost no one predicted Philly and Montreal to make it out of the first round. Last year the winner was decided by who won the Stanley Cup, so let's give it a go again. It's simple, in the comments predict how the playoffs will look. For each correct pick in the First round you get 1 point, Second Round you get 2 points, Conference Finals you get 3 points and the correct Stanley Cup winner gets you 4 points.

Now if you take a beating in the first round, you can join the second chance tournament. Even if you don't, everyone is free to join. Basically it's the same idea except your predicting the winners from the second round on. So comment with your picks, and if this is your first time joining one of my pools, there's an example below. I'm not a rules lawyer, so I'm not going to disqualify someone if their pool isn't exactly like mine. But if you somehow post a pool so confusing I can't make heads or tails of it, I reserve the right.

Right now I am setting the deadline as Midnight EST on April 16th (so get your picks in by the 15th). I might allow a little leeway, especially if you post here a lot and somehow missed this, or if no one's up by 2-0 by then. But really, just get it in by April 16th which should be plenty of time for everyone.

WB's Picks

East QF
Capitals Over Rangers (If it was anyone but the Short Island Smurfs, I'd take them)
Flyers Over Sabres
Canadiens Over Bruins
Lightning Over Penguins

East SF
Canadiens Over Capitals
Lightning Over Flyers

East F
Lightning Over Canadiens (Montreal Burns again)

West QF
Canucks Over Blackhawks
Sharks Over Kings
Coyotes Over Red Wings
Predators Over Ducks

West SF
Canucks Over Coyotes
Predators Over Sharks

West F
Canucks Over Predators

Stanley Cup Finals
Lightning Over Canucks

Tiebreaker: How many games did the Cup Winner play? 23

Tiebreaker only comes into play if both people pick the same. If there's a tie, first the person with the highest correct pick is considered the winner, and if both highest picks are the same we go with the Tiebreaker.

Congrats to everyone, there were a lot of entries for the pool this year. The first round winners finished in a three way tie with nyiDangle, Les Beaver and ChrisMC614 all picking the first round perfectly. I decided that there are more then enough people with a chance to win (remember, for each round every correct pick is an extra point, so every correct pick in the 2nd round is 2 points) that I'm not going to run the 2nd chance tourney.

nyiDangle 8
Les Beaver 8
ChrisMC614 8
MetalCoconut 7
EvadMorris 7
StyxCanada 7
Dougtone 7
Ilopan 7
Bryan2112 7
pippup 7
Thaddeus Ballpheasant 7
joecas71 7
CharlieIsles 7
IDCWhoYouLike 7
Zenfoeracer 7
O.Bender 7
Torch7 7
WB 6
ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles 6
19InARow 6
Paumanok 6
nyislanders93 6
PSUDevon 6
IslesFanInNJ 6
ArsenalLI 6
Ogam5 6
Mads Danish 6
JPinVA 6
kcNYI 6
MLong86 6
pdecanio 6
DieHardDyingHard 6
IDigRcks 6
FireGarthSnow 6
risenrule 6
gregaaron 6
joeconte 6
19holekc 6
MartyIND 6
BenHasna 6
Dominik 6
Zhora 6
BaltimoreIslander 6
blackstop87 5
martyind 5
Andrew430 5
Billymac23 5
Keith 5
pgat28 5
19 Isle in NJ 22 5
sayvillelax94 5
Alex Kinkead 5
John From ATL 5
Turgeon1992 5
AfroSupreme 5
UkiddinMe 5
Dan VA 5
IslanderDoug 4
Ozzyfan 4
Jones79 4
RicksFanSince76 4

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