Take Note of.....Ty Wishart?

I don't actually have time for a full post on this, and it's on a limited sample size. But, well, I haven't been purposely paying attention to Wishart's play, though I have thought he's used his size better recently. Still, I didn't think he was producing really that well, and he hasn't really contributed offensively (or had the opportunity to) since the first few games.

Yet in 12 games, playing with Milan Jurcina and Jack Hillen, Wishart now has the 2nd best relative corsi on the team (well tied with the amazing Grabner), and the best among any of our defensemen. What this means is that the team's shot differential with Wishart on the Ice is better than with any other D man on the ice in his place. Now admittedly, this is facing not the greatest opposition....he's clearly not being asked to take on opposing top lines. On the other hand, he's not had favorable zone-starts (he's started in the defensive zone a little more than most of our D-Men.) and unlike A-Mac and Hamonic, hasn't had as many minutes with the better forwards on this Isles team. So while his offense hasn't been great, these numbers would indicate he's been playing fairly solid defense for this team.

Most of these results seem to come while playing with Jack Hillen. I'm not sure most of you realize it, but the D-pairing of Jack Hillen-Andy Sutton was pretty good for the Isles before Sutton was traded. Wishart has a little less size that Sutton, but it's an intriguing pairing.

Mind you, this could be a total fluke of a small sample size. Bruno Gervais and Dylan Reese both put up decent numbers in small sample sizes in previous years. But Wishart has physical gifts that neither of those two guys have. So at the very least it's intriguing.

In other words, please look with your eyes if you can at how Ty is playing on the ice. I suspect he'll start the year next year in the AHL with the undeserving Mottau and Eaton getting spots in his stead, but he could be a very promising piece in our rebuild of our D-line.

Statistics of Ty Wishart can be found HERE:

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