Kyle "Okposto," is he snake bitten?

When KO first came to the scene you could see he had the "IT" factor...It did take him the better part of his first full season in 2008, '09, to start coming out of his shell...In 2010-2011 he came out of the gate like a man on a mission and he was constantly the most noticeable player on the ice for most of the year...This kid is relentless, he keeps his legs moving and hes relentless along the boards...

The problem was he should've scored more than 19 goals last year...All season long he hit posts, missed nets, misfired shots but I think we all felt that he would break the snake bitten curse and become a 30 goal scorer this season...I was happy to hear that he was working on his shot and his quick release with Zac Parisi in the off season...But he got hurt and wasted allot of the muscle memory that comes with the repetition from all that practice...

Now he's back. and has played a decent amount of games but hes still snake bitten...But is he really snake bitten? I'm a fan of KO but I am concerned about some parts of his game and his lack of finish-ability...I can only hope he cares more than me, lol...KO has NO snarl in his game and he rarely crashes the net, ala Moulson and he misfires shots..Thats a big concern, does he have stone hands or is he just snake bitten?

He has to start crashing the net more often and start paying the price to get those dirty goals or is he going to rely on the occasional fancy goal? I do think the fact that he plays at the point on the PP doesn't help his goal totals, for sure. Its been a couple seasons now and I would hope that he would be required to do what it takes especially if hes to wear the A on his chest...If he doesn't start hitting more net and less posts and he is just an assists/playmaker guy I guess thats not the worst thing but wouldn't it be a great thing if KO steps it up? He has the "IT" factor, doesnt he? I think he needs to demand more out of himself next year. Hopefully next year he will stay healthy and reach his potential...

EDIT: Foot in mouth...After I posted this KO had several rushes to the net against the Raggies...Come to think of it, he had a nice rush in the last game as well...Hopefully hes gonna keep this up and start putting a few away!

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