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Islanders: One-year extension for Al Montoya

Let no injury news go without a little antidote of happy: The Islanders announced a one-year extension with Al Montoya who, thanks to games played and years compiled, would have been a Group 6 unrestricted free agent according to Eric Hornick's CBA-delving.

Though the sixth goalie used, Montoya has started more games (15) this season than any Islanders goalie other than Rick DiPietro (23) and Dwayne Roloson (20). He's performed better in that span than all of the above, with an even-strength save percentage of .934 (versus Roloson's .923, Kevin Poulin's .921 and DiPietro's .894). Perhaps as importantly, he suffers from none of Evgeni Nabokov's maladies and inability to understand basic tenets of the CBA that governs his playing contract.

No word on the money -- navigate the pop-ups at CapGeek or watch @KatieStrangNYI for that -- or whether this means Montoya will repaint that mask. But it does clear up one of the summer question marks facing an organization that has seen injuries to not one, not two, not three, but four goalies this season. And for Montoya, it's one helluva turnaround for a first-round pick whose career looked buried in San Antonio just two months ago.

2010-11 (NYI) Al Montoya 17 971 8 4 4 38 2.35 495 .934 .923 1

Cheers go to Garth Snow (who grabbed him for a 6th), Don Maloney (who suggested him) and the Cubano himself (who's played well), of course. Meanwhile: Some LHH reaction already going on in this FanShot here. And a FanShot to a flattering SI piece about Montoya from last week.