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Goaltender Fights in Islanders History: Billy Smith and some other guys

Not one of the better moments.
Not one of the better moments.

The Islanders are off today before resuming practice tomorrow; Dylan Reese was returned on loan to Bridgeport. For other news, you can turn to Bridgeport with a lineup and injury update from Michael Fornabaio.

Meanwhile, last night's signature moment has been talked through upwards and down, with a wide range of opinions. The conversation got people thinking back toward other (usually longer) goalie fights in Islanders history. All of the following clips may be remembered by some of you old-timers -- and I use that term with respect, as my knees, wrist, shoulder and hair color each day hint at what that's all about.

There are surely more Isles goalie fights that are lost to memory and uncaptured by YouTube. So take the following trip down memory lane, add your own memories, and fill in the blanks. Billy Smith wasn't the only fighting goaltender in Islanders history; he was merely the best.

Rick DiPietro vs. Al Montoya (preseason)

From the Nolan era and -- as noticed on the tape -- the Jeremy Colliton Era, Part I. Montoya takes a long time to join festivities, and he clearly doesn't want to fight nor take his mask off. DiPietro looks all too eager. Montoya lands on top of RDP at one point, but clearly DiPietro is the one landing punches, and eager to do this silly thing.

It's enjoyable in a hate-the-Rangers sort of way, but I don't like the imbalance of who wants to fight and who doesn't. Sort of like...


...Tommy Salo vs. Dan Cloutier

This did not go well. Cloutier was on Salo like a Belorussian shot from the red line.

Tommy Soderstrom vs. Corey Schwab

Yes, that's a young Martin Brodeur in the screenshot there.

Post-fight footage: Bonuses here include Soderstrom's good sportsmanship despite getting bloodied, Schwab's excellent mullet, and a young Billy Guerin doing an early turn as comedian.


Kelly Hrudey vs. John Vanbiesbrouck

This is just one of those Isles-Rags brawls that goes on forever and ever -- Hrudey doesn't even enter the picture until two minutes in.

But the real fun here is Steve Richmond backing waaaaaay far away from Clark Gillies. It's okay, I wouldn't want any part of Gillies either. And poor Billy Smith is on the bench, wishing he could part of the fun. That's alright -- Smith had his fun in his day, like ...


Billy Smith vs. Dave Semenko

Not much to this one -- just 17 seconds of footage, but each man got his point across (Semenko: "Don't hit the star who is my meal ticket." Smith: "Tell your star to stop diving and act like a man."


Billy Smith vs. Lanny McDonald

Another brief one (15 seconds of footage), but boy does McDonald acquit himself quite well.


Billy Smith vs. Bob Kelly

Son, they may call you "Hound dog" but you're being chewed up by a goalie.


Billy Smith vs. Grant Mulvey

On a Hawks powerplay, Smith gets so tied up in maintaining his territory he gives up a goal -- and doesn't miss a beat as the brawl ensues. You get the feeling the Hawks were lining up to get a shot at him.


Bonus: Duane Sutter vs. Steve Weeks

Well this wasn't an Islanders goalie, but the Rangers' Weeks fights Duane Sutter here. Brother Brent is the first other Isle to step in and make sure no one breaks it up.


Well, that's after sifting through YouTube for a while. Got any others floating out there, whether on the web or in your head?

One thing you notice about the Billy Smith ones when you search for them on YouTube -- these names come up again and again. A lot of these guys or teams have a history with the Islanders, so while the incidents look crazy when taken in isolation, you can be sure there is a history of grievances that led up to it. Kind of like Matt Cooke, actually.