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Thrashers Claim Schremp via Waivers: Goodbye, Rob Schremp Hockey

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Rob Schremp, who wowed with his shootout skills and decent even-strength production (tied for sixth on the team in points/60 minutes), but underwhelmed with his end-to-end game, was a victim of a team that has John Tavares, Frans Nielsen and Josh Bailey as its offensive centers going forward. The Atlanta Thrashers have claimed Schremp off waivers.

They tried Bailey at wing, and it was okay. They tried Schremp at wing, and it was less okay. The departure of Rob Schremp Hockey, as he was known on this site, is a net talent loss for the Isles. But it was always going to be a hard fit to see if he could find a lasting role given the Islanders' aspirations for the aforementioned centers. A knee injury that cut last season short and a back injury that delayed this season's start did not help.

Schremp made us giggle with his first NHL goal celebration. He awed us with his baseball swing, catch-and-release goal in Colorado. He was a fun player to watch when he was on, and he reminded (many of) us what's entertaining about hockey. I doubt he'll become "Atlanta's Michael Grabner," but he could fill a role for Atlanta, or any team looking for a power play specialist who can put up points in easier minutes at even-strength. Adieu, Rob Schremp Hockey. Thanks for the memories.

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UPDATE Monday 3 p.m. EST: The Trade Deadline has passed, and the Islanders have ... done nothing. The only roster moves were Nathan Lawson clearing waivers and Rob Schremp...not. Schremp was claimed by Atlanta. For those interested, I will discuss the deadline with Steven Grill on Binghamton radio WHRW 90.5 FM Binghamton at 34:30 p.m EST Monday.