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Islanders Gameday: We welcome the Bruins, our fellow thugs

The Bruins are, to borrow an old phrase, "in a family way." A mistake that has been covered up for months by the loose clothing known as Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask is now starting to show, and they're going to have to deal with these pregnant losses in a way that might get someone shipped out of town. Their goaltending can't bail them out and shush the townfolk forever -- they've given up 14 goals while losing three in a row -- so GM Peter Chiarelli is, indeed, trying to deal with it.

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Mario will come after them next: Stanley Cup of Chowder

In one shotgun wedding, Chiarelli already added defensive-minded center Chris Kelly (who faces the Isles for the second consecutive game tonight), but he's also been open about his search to add a defenseman.

Everyone is reporting that the Bruins are chasing a puck-mover, and there is much heavy breathing at the prospect of this year finally being the year Tomas Kaberle moves, but I can't help thinking Radek Martinek would be an underrated and inexpensive backup plan for the Bruins or any other Serious Contender who knows, as Vancouver has learned and the Isles have painfully proven, you can never have too many defensemen.

The knee-jerk response to this modest proposal is that there's no offense there, but Martinek hasn't been asked to play the powerplay much in years, and he's a smart defensive defenseman who can move the puck and keep guys like Alexander Ovechkin frustrated. While Kaberle would be a great offensive and powerplay-oriented addition, if they can't hit the home run, then a guy like Martinek would still take pressure off of guys like Zdeno Chara by eating* a share of the PK (he logs 2:39 per game for the Isles) and unsung tough even-strength minutes.

*mandatory Martinek "if healthy" caveat

The Martinek fit is just my impression, but that diagnosis of the Bruins' issues is not mine alone. Here's SBN's Bruins blog Stanley Cup of Chowder:

Despite their rep as a strong defensive team, the Bruins have been mediocre defensively, and have been consistently bailed out by excellent goaltending.

SCoC also mourns the Bruins' declining powerplay. Again, I assume the Kaberle-or-someone rumors are stirred by a desire for an offensive defenseman to free up Chara to be more Shutdown Monster and less Shutdown Monster + Powerplay Stalwart. But sometimes we can't get what we seek at the candy store, particularly when we're already in danger of spending next week's allowance. Teams hoping for a blueline upgrade have to have Martinek in mind as a fallback, particularly since his $1.5 million cap hit allows more flexibility than the average bear.

If Darren Dreger's report is true that Garth Snow has been asking for a 2nd-round pick for Martinek -- the Bruins just traded theirs to Ottawa -- then teams may be hoping that price comes down. Personally, I hope Snow stands firm or stands pat. If the long-time Islander is a candidate for an extension, then I'd want more than a 3rd to let him go help some other gal get out of the fix she's in.

(Thus concludes the strained pregnant-with-losses themed portion of the post. Apologies.)


Game Night: It's Thugs vs. Thugs!

Before the Islanders suddenly became the standard for loathsome thuggery in the NHL, there was the Bruins-Canadiens brawlfest last week, in which the Bruins thumped the Canadiens on the scoreboard and in the boxing ring, including a goalie fight that went quite a bit differently than Rick DiPietro v. Brent Johnson. That night was just "old time hockey," of course -- but Habs blog HabsWatch (they were the "victims" in that one, remember) echoes the same feeling most LHH participants have shared about Friday's brawling with the Pens:

Fighting isn't out of control, incompetence dealing with the dirty crap that causes it to spiral out of control is.

And that is why people make Fire Colin Campbell petitions.

Anyway, while that charged Bruins-Canadiens game was seen as a rallying point, the Bruins haven't won in three tries since (two losses were to the Red Wings, who are rather good). Conversely, the islanders haven't lost since their Frontier Justice Night.

The point is, we can read into these occasions all the team bonding and morale that we want, but wins and losses are still just wins and losses: They turn on a myriad of factors that change from night to night. The best team does not always win on any given night, which is why they play 82 and hope the cream rises to the top. It usually does.

So even if the Isles hadn't won Sunday, or Tuesday, the effect of standing up to the Pens and refusing to take their cheap stuff or their turtling would be the same: If the players believe it helped them, then it probably did.

As for tonight, to a man the Islanders admitted they didn't play their best game Tuesday in Ottawa -- which is what made pulling out the win all the more satisfying. The Bruins are now only tied with the Canadiens for the Northeast lead and the third seed. That's a big deal because the Northeast runner-up is likely to miss out on home ice advantage in the playoffs. As this is only their second meeting of the year, the Isles will have something to say about where the Bruins finish.

And that's the mode we're in right now: Spoil, grow, enjoy. Hopefully that's not the case next February.


Lineup Notes

Evgeni Nabokov (failure to read fine print) is a scratch tonight.


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