FIG 101


Here is an attempt at LHH cat herding...


1. Post your FIG as a REPLY.

2. If you are selecting a player for the first time for that game REPLY to the game thread's original post.

3. If somebody else has chosen the player you would like to chose reply to the FIRST post selecting that player.

4. The FIG post does not have to include the owrd FIG... we're all FIGs here.

5. The FIG post shall be PLAYER(ASSIST1, ASSIST2) TIME in the SUBJECT line, no more, no less... you can comment away in the comment section... but if your comment warrants a reply it will create havoc... try to keep comments in the pre-game and game threads.

6. PLAYERS' NAMES ONLY... no nicknames or numbers.

7. Try to give the previous selector of your player some time to win. Try to leave at least 5 minutes on either side as to not PIR (Price Is Right) them.

PLEASE DO NOT POST A FIG FOR THE 2/10/11 GAME. I am going to attempt to create an example of how this should look.


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