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Video: Islanders-Flames Post-Game Highlights

"You wanna crown Kenny, you crown him. But I was part of a couple of those banners too and all I got is this watch!"
"You wanna crown Kenny, you crown him. But I was part of a couple of those banners too and all I got is this watch!"

The Islanders posted a lot of video from both locker rooms in the post-game scrums after the Islanders' 3-1 win over the Flames.

Ex-Islander Blake Comeau in his first game back was among them (but there honestly wasn't much noteworthy in that interview).

Click that first link above to Islanders TV for the full lineup (or a sampling of MSG clips here, or their write-up here). But a few highlights and notes, including similar impressions on what happened from both coaches, are posted below.

Brent Sutter

Flames coach Brent Sutter wasn't terribly pleased with his team's effort, sounding a lot like Jack Capuano after recent losses. Overall Sutter didn't like the "compete level" from his team as this road trip continues (Columbus a few nights ago, Ottawa Friday night).

He praised fellow ex-Isle Tim Jackman's line, but not the "other nine." "We played too soft of a game here tonight," he said. When asked about the Isles: "Tavares, Okposo and Moulson were the best line on the ice tonight. Their best players were their best players."

Jack Capuano

The flip-side to that story? Jack Capuano got all his buzzwords in. Liked the effort and contribution from all four lines: "Lot of passion, lot of commitment, and the guys got rewarded for it."

About Tavares: "When your best players are your best players, you're usually in the hockey game with a chance to win. ... Tavares played really well, but a lot of guys deserve the credit tonight."

Capuano, as he often does, took pains to note it's not about individuals but about the full roster contributing. "Hopefully we can learn from this and improve off this going into Saturday's game."

Notably, he again credited Evgeni Nabokov for "good goalie touches" and good communication with the defense. Ahem. Noted.

John Tavares

On the win: "Even the mistakes we had, we made the effort to get back, get back into position ... It's something we have to build off and understand that's what it's going to take to win games for us..."

On the goal: "I just sort of felt [the D-man] anticipating a drop pass so I dropped my shoulder and was able to get around him." It doesn't translate in printed text, but "just sort of felt" came across as the instincts that a special player has as he reads the game and the opposition millisecond by millisecond.

It's funny, watching that goal I noticed Butch Goring talking off-topic and I thought, "this is a 3-on-2, we might have something here," but at no point did I feel that Tavares was going to make that move.