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Islanders Bits and Christmas Wishes

Johnny T. on the spot.
Johnny T. on the spot.

Everybody's in the mood for wanting. Wanting for Christmas, wanting for a better season, wanting a better finish to 2011 and a climb out of the dregs of the East.

Lots of interesting notes in that Strome link, including talk of his overall play suffering when he first got back from NHL camp (how often we hear that about a junior pick) despite the point streak. This (and more) from his junior coach:

"I think [seeing how Tavares works on improving his game] is a great experience for Ryan because he’s got things he needs to work on," Williamson said. "His hands are wonderful but he doesn’t need to be practising that all the time. He has to get stronger and I think he can improve on his skating and edges and how dynamic he can be on the ice."

More links for your nogging after the jump.

Last night's loss through the eyes of:

If you're hanging out and surfing or avoiding family, as always feel free to share further links in comments (and, of course, as FanShots).

Or share your wishes for what Santa should leave you. I'm with ATL Jim: Arena certainty would soothe a lot of day-to-day anxieties.