One Christmas Wish

If you could have one Christmas wish for these here Icelanders, what would it be? I have thought about this long and hard (about 30 seconds while I was making coffee) and my one wish would be some sort of stadium resolution. I know some of you may put that low on the priority of immediate needs for this franchise and I understand that.

I honestly thought this year was going to be different. I do believe there is some improvement, my patience is wearing thin. The 2015 date just hangs over everything. Will these players be developed just in time to parade the cup down the streets of Hamilton (I wish I knew a street in Hamilton {not really}). I personally would just watch with more patience and concentrate on the improvement, even at a turtles pace, if I knew they would at least be in the Tri State area.

I realize this is pie in the sky request at this point and time, but Santa hook me up bro!

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