Trade Frans Neilsen


I understand it is sacrilege in these parts, but the link above lists free agent forwards this coming off-season. Look at the Neilsen's cap hit. His cap hit is lower than Colliton, Frischmon and Gillies on the Islanders. At the deadline, there are gonna be teams with serious playoff aspirations that would give up some assets for Frans Neilsen. Neilsen would really help any team with PK needs, a need for a third line Center, etc.. I like Frans Neilsen and all that he brings to the table but I do wonder if we have seen the best of what Fransie brings and also wonder if there much up-side left on Fransie. Chris Botta did bring up the idea that sometimes calling a player the most underrated player in the league eventually makes him overrated and I can see how this can apply to a player like Frans Neilsen. If Frans was making 2.0M instead of of the 525K he makes now...nobody would be calling him underrated. He would be a 2 million dallar player with particular attributes and thats all. With Bailey's continued development and the forwards that the isles have developing in BPT and Juniors (i.e. Czikas, Strome, Ullstrom, etc). It might be time to get the last of what he can out of the Great Dane.