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Islanders @ Jets [game thread]

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Nyi-landthin_medium Win-oldslim_medium
Islanders (10-14-6, 14th/E) @ Jets (15-13-4, 9th/E)
8:30 EST | MSG+2 (
twice the plus!) | Audio: NHL - WRHU
MST3K Centre
Opposition Airport:
Arctic Ice Hockey

Complete Coverage >

Cheers to RickFan for going with the fourth line for his First Islanders Goal pick.

Gerald Diduck was once a Winnipeg Jet but not really: He was a Phoenix Coyote. Rob Schremp was briefly once a future Winnipeg Jet but not really: He was an Atlanta Thrasher. When you go through this stuff on Hockey-Reference, it gets confusing. I wish there was some conjugation of "Jet" that could've easily distinguished the two eras now that we have a Browns-Ravens-Browns situation squared. Winnipeg Jet-i, perhaps? Okay never mind.

Have a holly, happy Hamonic Homecoming.