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Islanders @ Blackhawks [game thread]

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Islanders (7-11-4, 15th/E) @ Blackhawks (14-8-3, t-2nd/W)
8:30 p.m. EST | MSG+ | Audio: NHL - WRHU
[just $25 extra per bag] Center
Hawking a Program for Every Game: Second City Hockey

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Al Montoya is in. Andrew MacDonald is not. The Hawks are moving Patrick Kane back from 2nd-line center to Jonathan Toews' right wing, while using this as a test-drive to make a Swedish fella their 2C. No pressure or nothin'.

I answered some Isles questions for Sam at Second City -- but for the game night arena program they make for every home game. Which I think is pretty cool. (And which predates them taking over SCH in the non-print world.) If you're one of the Isles fans who will be there tonight, maybe you buy it from 'em. Or maybe next time.

Let's. Go. Isl-an-ders. (If it's not too much trouble.)