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BU's Parker on Trivino: Knew There Would 'Be Another Incident'

Boston University coach Jack Parker, in happier times.
Boston University coach Jack Parker, in happier times.

Boston University hockey coach Jack Parker spoke to media today about kicking New York Islanders 2008 draft pick Corey Trivino off the team following Trivino's arrest for alleged indecent assault and battery.

I will let those media doing the reporting tell the story -- our site has an Islanders/NHL focus and rhythm that's rarely derailed by low-on-the-radar prospect chronicles -- but suffice to say Parker confirmed there had been multiple prior alcohol-related incidents with Trivino, and he'd been warned he was on his last chance, even if the next incident did not involve the serious allegations levied this week.

Clearly, despite being an important producer this year on the ice, Trivino was already on thin ice, and Trivino's use of alcohol was already a great concern for Parker.

Parker told the BU student press, Daily Free Press (and its Boston Hockey Blog):

"There is no question in my mind it's an alcohol problem," Parker said. "I did [ask him to get treatment], but he didn’t think it was for him."

Parker made similar statements to College Hockey News writer Scott McLaughlin, who tweeted (full story pending is now up here) that there had not been a known incident since last spring, but that teammates were told to keep an eye on the senior.

Most damning, and ominous for Trivino's personal health, Boston Hockey Blog quotes Parker as saying the following in the ultimatum issued last September:

"I told him then, ‘The good news is, I’m not going to do anything about that incident,’ which is minor compared to this one. ‘But here’s the bad news,’ I said. ‘Next time, I’m going to kick you off the team for good. And here’s the worst news, there will be another incident, Corey.’"

Little did Parker know how grave the next incident would be.

* * *

Again, as far as our Islanders-centric site goes, we won't be going all CNN on this story as it evolves through the normal disciplinary and legal process. Frankly, the whole thing is pretty sad for everyone involved. The normal comments, speculation and debate about unknown unknowns already played out in our earlier thread, so not much need to rehash that here.

But the latest published report sheds a little more background on what has been a rough college career that, on the ice at least, so recently looked like it was finally turning around.