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Islanders Bits: Matt Martin's Philosophy is Rather Direct

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A St. Louis writer has for years referred to the NHL player agent as Ritch "Nuclear" Winter, and that agent's blowhard certainty transferred to the new age of Twitter underlines the reason for that moniker. His arrogant assertions are captured succinctly in this post at mc79hockey ("we have used analytics to successfully place Marian Hossa in the finals 3 years in a row and help Hasek win 2 cups" ... ORLLY?).

But I bring that post up for another reason: The 20-game sample. It's not that teams who have a bad record after the first 20 games cannot make the playoffs, it's that teams who have a bad record after the first 20 games are probably bad. (In the same vein, it's not that a team loses when giving up the first goal; it's that a team that gives up the first goal a lot is probably the weaker team in most matchups.)

We have discussed the Islanders first-quarter record plenty, and there's a fun FanPost discussion right now with their record now compared to The Streak last year, but that mc79 post is fun because it points out that any team, including many playoff teams, can have a sub- NHL-.500 20 game stretch during any point in the season.

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And more Matt Martin, speaking:

"I’m a physical presence. I like to stick up for my teammates and I’ll fight when I need to, but I play a pretty hard game. I drive the net and crash bodies and try to make room for my linemates."

And that, in a nutshell, is why Islanders fans have anticipated the 3rd/4th liner's arrival for three years.

Sticking with the official site, here's the write-up on the annual holiday toy-buying extravaganza. And below is the video, which is usually a fun one and does not disappoint this year:

...features the Swiss razzing each other, and MIchael Grabner mesmerized by some toy I hope never shows up in my house. Or as LHH user DP'sknees... shared in comments last night:

1. What the hell is going on with DP’s head? The beard was kind of badass but now he just looks like a street bum. All sit and no play makes ricky a dull boy, I guess.

2. JT seems to give equally canned answers no matter what the context. He uh always gives it uh 110% no matter the situation.

3. Bailey also plays to type overthinking the toy purchases. Just buy the toy!!!

All in good holiday spirit fun, of course.

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That's it for the moment. The next Top 25 Under 25 will be up a little later.