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Islanders Bits: Of Changes and Chances

Jack Capuano's implied threat of changes or line shuffling after the frustrating 3-0 home loss to Winnipeg was followed by an everyone-wears-orange practice Friday. (I kind of wish I could tell my employees what to wear when they show up in the morning.)

However, with music blasting -- gets players to shout for the puck, ya know -- no specific line changes were evident yet. Expect a tinker today to have lines stirred, not shaken.

[Update: Yeah, um, about that mere "tinkering:" Not so much.]

What panicking fans don't want to hear, but what is worth mulling: "they tossed 34 shots at Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec, and by Capuano’s count they had 18 scoring chances against the Jets’ eight. 'Can’t read into stats too much,' Capuano said, 'but we’re getting our chances ...'"

In what became a now-six-game winless streak, Thursday was the wrong time to outchance an opponent and come up empty. A line stir, even if largely cosmetic or psychological, hopefully changes the feel without cutting down on scoring chances against one of the East's beasts.

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Other Bits of Fancy

More later. Game tonight. I explained Movember to Mrs. Lighthouse yesterday. Her response? "That's not happening."