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Plus/Minus - Flyers 4, Islanders 3 (OT): Blown 3-1 lead. Again.


Much better effort against an injury depleted team (Jaromir Jagr rejoined the injury list in the second period), but the New York Islanders suffered a familiar fate: After staking a 3-1 first-period lead, the offense stalled and the lead steadily fizzled away.

Though Rick DiPietro looked bad on the first two goals, he made 29 saves, several of them quite good honestly, and the tying goal with under six minutes left was simply cruel: A Coliseum bounce off the end boards that hopped into the crease, and DiPietro's reaction played it right into the hands of Daniel Briere.

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Oh, but then there was more: Naturally, after being gifted an OT powerplay on a soft call on Scott Hartnell, the Islanders powerplay was completely uninspired, and Briere scored on a great 2-on-2 rush and shot as soon as Hartnell got out of the box. Credit also to Sergei Bobrovsky, who relieved Ilya Bryzgalov at 3-1 and made all the saves that Bryzgalov and DiPietro could not. (The Flyers, like many teams I'm afraid, appear to target DP high when he goes down early, and throw it at his feet when he stays up.)

Kyle Okposo was one of the pluses, exiting the Zero Goal Club with two goals including a critical early one-timer that tied the game -- just 19 seconds after Andrej Meszaros grabbed a 1-0 lead a mere18 seconds in. There were other pluses, and there were plenty minuses, but that's what this thread is for after you've gotten your less intelligible steam out in the game thread. Have at it.

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