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Post-Game Thread: Penguins 5, Washington Generals 0

Longtime Penguins fans stream into the casino.
Longtime Penguins fans stream into the casino.

Well, that was rubbish.

There isn't really a need for a plus/minus thread -- there were no pluses -- but our game thread is chock full o' comments and we needed a new spot for people to moan further, or tickle the funny bone.

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The Islanders mostly stunk, got worse as the game went on, and the rest of the NHL got the script it wanted as Sidney Crosby (2 g, 2 a) returned and picked up right where he left off from last year's 66 points in 41 games. It was 4-0 before the game was 26 minutes old.

If you can say such after five goals allowed, big Anders Nilsson at least showed he had potential tonight with 31 not-easy saves, but boy do I want him in the AHL to round out his game in a better environment. He was hung out to dry, of course. The Penguins' foil on the night is in big trouble, having lost consecutive games by a combined score of 11-0 to the Stanley Cup champs and this season's possible favorites. The Flyers are next. Different leagues, all of them.

Game Highlights

May your gallows humor be the last to depart you.